My Purgatory (In A Sea of Gray #8)



When you’re somewhere in the middle of the heaven of having loved someone,

And the hell of losing and missing that same person,

Everything becomes so damn amplified as you find yourself stuck in this certain purgatory.

The mundane becomes even more noticeable,

The routine turns into a magnanimous event,

The boring never looked this mesmerizing.

The most basic of things such as eating, dressing up, and even breathing,

Have all at once become so momentous tasks that I have to force myself into doing,

All the noise from the surroundings, as well as the silence of the night,

Seem so suffocating and draining, making me anything but desperate for a sweet escape.

Because ever since the day you left and savagely tore yourself from having been connected to me,

It was like a veil was suddenly lifted, and it’s all coming to me in an influx I cannot bear…

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