Is It Wrong to Give Your Kid an Extraordinary Name?

Painting On Scars

Hello My Name Is... (Image by Alan O’Rourke of used under CC licensevia)

Every coupled friend I have here in Germany is, as of this year, a parent. And looking upon the names bestowed upon the new generation, I must say I like them all. Or at least, I don’t hate any of them. This is impressive when considering that, if my partner and I ever want to get into a fight, we simply start discussing names we would hypothetically pick for a child. Just give us five minutes and soon we’ll be shouting, “Bo-ring!” “Flaky!” “Hideous!”

And then we run up against the unanswerable question: Is it harder to have a mundane (a.k.a. boring) name or an unusual (a.k.a. weird) name?

While I enjoy the sound of my own name—as many if not most people do—I haven’t enjoyed seeing Emily end up in the top ten of the most popular…

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My life today

Life is a series of ups and downs. Some ups can be really high. Attaining this height makes one feel above the world. Insurmountable, unbreakable,invincible, the feelings of elation are endless. Plans are made, strategies mapped out, life is good.
       From shopping trips in Dubai, Paris, and Italy, to  summers in Hawaii, Prague, you name it. The list is endless, life is beautiful, there are no worries. People come and they go, everything is merely phase, one after the other they come and go.
       Will life always be this great?  What happens when it all goes away? Where would one be then? These are valid questions, yes they are. But the moment is so good, one gets caught up in it. The power and fame are intoxicating.
          So abruptly it all comes to an end. A life ends, hopes become shattered, future plans not suspended but destroyed. Everything is taken away, even the will to keep going is lost. The saying goes ” where there’s life there’s hope”.
        Without the will to live, what then is the purpose of life? People say ” life goes on”. But life as one knows it has ended, what goes on then? Does one suddenly adopt a new life, or does one just give up, or accept to live in the shadow of the former?
How then, does one see the glass half full and not half empty?

Why women talk less

language: a feminist guide

This week on Newsnight, Evan Davis talked to three women about all-male panels—a subject made topical by the recent popularity of a tumblr set up to name and shame them. Why, he asked, are women so often un- or under-represented in public forums? Are they reluctant to put themselves forward? Are they deterred by the adversarial nature of the proceedings?

The women offered some alternative suggestions. Women don’t get asked, or if they do it’s assumed you only need one. Women aren’t seen as experts, unless the subject is a ‘women’s issue’. The age-old prejudice against women speaking in public means that any woman who dares to voice her opinions can expect to be deluged with abuse and threats.

But while all-male panels are obviously a problem, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Just ensuring that women are represented on a panel does not guarantee their voices will…

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My road to self discovery

Webster defines self discovery as the act or process of achieving self-knowledge. After my last post, i did a little research on self discovery and here’s what i found. Samuel smile said ” The spirit of self-help is the root of all genuine growth in the individual”. What is self-help? According to Webster, self-help is the process of bettering oneself or overcoming one’s problems.
           I’d like to think im on a good path here, ive always considered writing a problem. I believe overcoming problem number 1 is in progress. During my research, i learnt the major things needed on the road to self discovery are :
1. Forgiving oneself,
2. Forgiving others,
3. Accepting oneself,
4. Accepting others.
         These four things could be the easiest things to do, or be the hardest. I have decided I’ll make them easy, because i wouldn’t want my road to start on stormy ground. David Liebman said


this road, “Be clinical, objective and disciplined. Dont be too emotional. Be hard on yourself, be vigilant and demanding”.
           This will be my motto on this journey. Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man said ” when i discover who i am, I’ll be free”. This is my aim, and im determined to achieve it. Looking at the glass half empty has always been my way of life, but ive been schooled and I’ve learnt that only positive thinking can see me through this journey. 
     From now henceforth, i choose to see the glass half full. While typing this, i think to myself, dont be too optimistic. Ive always been the type to be too cautious. Following the words of Harold Finch, Person of Interest, “Only the paranoid survive”. Somehow i have to get rid of this ideology and live, think and be positive.

My road to self discovery

I’ve considered blogging for while now, but i always felt i didn’t have what to blog about. Putting my thoughts into words, has always been a stumbling block for me.5 days ago, 23rd May 2015, i attended this employability symposium. One of the speakers, Mfon Ekpo, said “One of the problems young people face today is Wanderlust”. On hearing this, i think to myself “i do suffer from that”. Now how do i stop myself from getting bored so easily? How do i stick to one thing for a long period of time? Luckily for me, the next speaker , Dr Bell Ihua, talks about finding what makes you tick. This obviously brought a solution, except the solution comes with harder questions. What makes me tick? How am i wired?
Somewhere along the line, theres talks of blogging, and using social media to advertise oneself. I make up my mind to start a blog then. So i want to start a blog, and i want to find what makes me tick. So then, ive come to the conclusion, to blog about my road tp self discovery.
My greatest roadblock, is where to start discovering how im wired. What Should my first step be? At the end of the Symposium, i felt the need to ask Dr Bell Ihua that question, but i wasn’t awarded the opportunity to speak with him.
I think I’m going to rely on the Internet, to help me with my quest.