My Purgatory (In A Sea of Gray #8)



When you’re somewhere in the middle of the heaven of having loved someone,

And the hell of losing and missing that same person,

Everything becomes so damn amplified as you find yourself stuck in this certain purgatory.

The mundane becomes even more noticeable,

The routine turns into a magnanimous event,

The boring never looked this mesmerizing.

The most basic of things such as eating, dressing up, and even breathing,

Have all at once become so momentous tasks that I have to force myself into doing,

All the noise from the surroundings, as well as the silence of the night,

Seem so suffocating and draining, making me anything but desperate for a sweet escape.

Because ever since the day you left and savagely tore yourself from having been connected to me,

It was like a veil was suddenly lifted, and it’s all coming to me in an influx I cannot bear…

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On Being a Failed Writer

Writers Without Money


At the age of 50, I am a failed writer. Except for a few articles on CounterPunch, everything I’ve published has been self-published. I’ve worked tens of thousands of hours, written hundreds of thousands of words, and have never made a dime. Had I spent the same amount of time at a minimum wage retail job, I’d be rich, or at least a shift-supervisor at Starbucks. I haven’t been able to find an audience. You probably won’t even read this.

So why don’t I quit?

I tried. From the age of 25 to the age of 50, I had one goal In life, to cure myself of the urge to write. But I failed. Let me explain.

The urge to write should never be confused with the ability to make a living by writing, or even the ability to express yourself by putting words down on paper. T. S…

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Is Texting Ruining our Language?

so long as it's words

As an undergraduate, one of my lecturers once said that language is a tug-of-war between laziness and comprehensibility. Laziness, and our desire to communicate with as little effort as possible will make language change, but our need for comprehension will temper how much it changes.

Text-language is a perfect example of this – we want to fit as much information as possible into as small a space as possible by pressing the fewest buttons, but it still needs to be understood by its recipient.

And people HATE it. Texting is ruining language. U no wen its all shrt & theres no pnctation lol. Isn’t it awful! Does it annoy you? Does it? Does it get your goat? (Actually, I’m drafting this in Word and it certainly gets Word’s goat – there’s so much red and green under that sentence it’s like Christmas.)

Actual linguists don’t hate texting. But then, our…

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Poetic Justice #2


so this girl approached me

and went on and on and on about the size of her figure

and how her assets aren’t doing what they should

and how she wants to and tries to correct it

but it seems like shes always rejected

i told her baby your emotions and inhibitions is what power you down

your beautiful inside and out

be you no matter your size

the ones that put you down just aspire to be like you

in some cases size is every thing in yours its nothing

be comfortable with who you are

go out and be a star

why sit around hoping it would happen

just go out and do it theres nothing to it

fat, big, enormous, huge, obesity

there just words

most peoples egos are more enormous then their actual size

so baby dont fret stopping being your biggest critic

when you can…

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A Letter from One Mother to Another

The Rahma Diaries

Dear Irresponsible Migrant Mother,

What exactly were you thinking when you woke your children in the dead of the night, picking up the baby still asleep? Don’t you know how important it is for children to get enough sleep? They’ll be cranky during the day if they don’t sleep enough. They won’t develop properly if you keep doing this. Children need routine. That baby you’re holding needs to be warm and comfortable, cocooned and safe, like a tiny bud, waiting to bloom in the morning. Those toddlers won’t be able to walk the miles you want them to in the black night in worn out shoes without a good night’s sleep.

What’s that? Speak up. You had to travel at night? It was safer? It was quieter? There was less chance of being discovered? Less chance of being caught if it was dark and the threat that hung over you…

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What’s yours called?

language: a feminist guide

Content warning: this post contains offensive language of a sexual nature. As does the real world.

Ignorance and prejudice about women’s sexuality has a long and depressing history.  When I was at school in the early 1970s, we were sure women didn’t have testicles*, but we weren’t entirely clear on what they did have. What passed for sex education in those days should really have been called ‘reproduction education’: it was all about wombs, ovaries, and the fateful encounter between the egg and the sperm. The parts of our bodies we could actually see and touch were either passed over in silence or shrouded in euphemism.

But that was 45 years ago: it’s a different story for girls growing up today, right? Well, maybe not. In a survey of a thousand British women carried out in 2014 , half of the under-35s could not locate the vagina on a…

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